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Making the move to a care home is, understandably, a very important decision to make for you or your loved one. Emotions can run high as you feel a sense of losing your independence, your dignity & your privacy. As you face the big move you may be fearing change, upheaval and giving up the comfort of your familiar routines and environment.

We hope we'll put these fears to rest for you and open up a whole new world of friendship, caring and choice as we welcome you to Melbourne House.


Moving into Melbourne House can bring new opportunities, new friendships, and a profound new lease of life for you or your loved one. All your cares and concerns about moving and adjusting to this latest chapter of your life will fall away and soon become a distant memory as you settle in to your welcoming and homely new environment.

Situated quietly within the elegant suburb of Earlsdon in Coventry, Melbourne House offers you or your loved the highest possible standards of care and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are being looked after as you or your own family would look after you.

The stately grounds and first class facilities at Melbourne House are situated close to the center of a bustling, lively community. The ease of traveling access to Coventry and its surrounding motorway networks makes it easy for your family and friends to come and visit you and continue to be an important and cherished part of your life. Visitors are welcome at any time & rest assured that at Melbourne House they will always be welcome.

If you need to run some errands or simply fancy a walk about town, Melbourne House is located at a convenient distance from the local shops and the historic Memorial Park. A leisurely ten minute walk away from the home will also give you access to many more of the local communities facilities, so you can remain active and healthy and carry on your daily routine with ease.


You will have the choice of one of our 25 spacious and well appointed single rooms or 4 double rooms if you wish to move with your partner. We highly encourage you to decorate the room with personal mementoes and treasures to add your own personal flair to the rooms. After all its your home and we want you to feel blissfully happy here.

The house itself is a large detached home with a charming period air which extends through to your room. Here you find it well equipped with everything you need including the added reassurance of a call system so you can summon assistance should you ever need it.

Now your at Melbourne house being looked after 24 hours a day 365 days a year, you'll never again have the worry of falling in your house and being stuck for hours in pain waiting for someone to discover you.

If you'd like, a TV and telephone can be installed right with you in your room so keeping in touch with the outside world will not be a problem. Plus all rooms have internet access so you can go online and have a face to face chat using Skype.

A most loved and popular treat among all our residents is the special hydro-therapy bath. This is no ordinary bathing experience! You can cast away all your cares as you allow the warm, soothing waters to envelop you. And not only will it feel good, bit it will be doing you good as well as the hydro-therapy helps improves your blood circulation and mobility. 

At Melbourne House, we are committed to giving you nothing less than the finest care in a cozy and wholesome environment. We want you to feel that this place is somewhere that you feel like you belong, somewhere that feels like home. With our friendly and experienced staff of carers who work hard to ensure a relaxing and peaceful stay, you can be sure to greet each day as a new and exciting adventure from the moment you wake up, surrounded by the company of new friends and the thrill of new experiences.


Just because Melbourne House is a home for the elderly doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. The house is always brimming with life and activity, as you very welcome to make use of the stunning communal facilities we have provided for your comfort and leisure. A library, conservatory, dining room, two sun lounges, reception hall and lush garden make for comfortable venues that are perfect for your quiet time and group activities. A programme of exciting group excursions to local sites is also always on the go. Whether it’s going on a quick trip around town or taking in the local culture, you can be sure that Melbourne House has lots in store for you.

We also understand that not everyone wants to take part in the activities so if you prefer the quiet life there's plenty of places where you can sit peacefully and enjoy a quiet read or the birds in the garden in Summer. It's your choice.


Here at Melbourne House, we aim to make mealtime the most awaited part of your day. Delicious and nutritious meals are lovingly prepared for you by our in-house chef with only the finest quality ingredients and freshest of produce. If you have any special cultural or medical dietary needs these can also be accommodated, so please don't hesitate to tell us exactly what you want.


So, moving into a Melbourne House certainly is a big change. We understand this, and we are committed to helping you make the transition as seamless as possible. We want to help you see that change not as a threat, but as an opportunity to be embraced. It is an opportunity to start anew with people who you will grow fond of and who will grow fond of you and become an important part of this chapter of your life that is beginning to unfold. At Melbourne House, we really do want you to feel just as comfortable and settled here as you do now.


We truly hope you decide to make your home with us here at Melbourne House. However, the best way to decide if Melbourne House is right for you is if you pay us a visit. We would love to meet you and you are welcome here at any time - and the kettles always on.

For more details, a confidential discussion of your requirements or to arrange a visit please feel free to call us on 024 7667 2732 or click HERE to send us an email. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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